Monday, May 28, 2012

Paris Party Winners

Thanks so much for joining Gigi's Birthday Celebration!  I had no idea that would be such a hit!   We are excited to announce our very lucky winners of our Paris Party Giveaway.

Giveaway #1 Minky Ruffle Dress from Funkey Monkey Boutique

Giveaway #2 Travel Set from Layne James Embroidery

Giveaway #3 Tutushie from Klassy Kouture

Giveaway #4 Eiffel Tower Tutu Set from Souther Sweet Pea Boutique

Giveaway #5 $30 Gift Certificate from Sweet Art Factory

Giveaway #6 Ooh LaLa Shirt from Spoiled Rotten Kids

Giveaway #7 Eiffel Tower Skirt Set from Tutu Cute Creations

Giveaway #8 Headband from Chic Headbands

Giveaway #9 Doll Dress from Creative Stitches Couture

Giveaway #10 Black Bamboo Candle from Village Candles

Giveaway #11 Paris Placemat, Bowl and Plate from Luna Belle Boutique

Giveaway #12 Tutu in a Can Can from Little Diva Tutus

Giveaway #13 Oneise, shoes and bloomers from Aldabella Scarpa

Giveaway #14 Damask Skirt from Laken and Lila

Giveaway #15 Mary Kay Make Up Bag

Giveaway #16 Pinkalicious Candle from Village Candles

Giveaway #17 Pirhouettes in Paris Dress from Little Fashions Boutique

Giveaway #18 Minnie Mouse applique shirt from Prissy in Pink

Giveaway #19 Poodles from Top Party Ideas

Giveaway #20 Bling Knit Dress from Tip Top Shirts

Giveaway #21 $15 Gift Certificate from The Hairbow Company

Giveaway #22 Babys First Tutu from Little Diva Tutus

Giveaway #23 Butterbean Doll from Threaded from Heaven

Giveaway #24 Bedding Set from Childrens Bedding Boutique

Winners, please contact me at with the following information:
Your Name.  
The Giveaway you won
The name of the sponsoring company!

If you didn't win, stay tuned for another chance at fabulous finds......Already scheming our next Facebook "theme" giveaway album!!  Stars and Stripes and all things Patriotic?  What do you think?  Let me know if you are crafty or own a boutique and would like to join us!!


Angela Rubio said...

Congrats to all the winners..Ill just keep on trying :-)

holly domer said...

Congrats Winners!!! maybe next time for me! :)

ilovemykids said...

Yaay!! I am so excited Thank you so much!!!

TimeAndAgain said...

I am so excited!!!! I never win anything! :)

Courtenay Christian said...

I am so Excited for the winners! I am also Excited for ALL that participated because without you there would be no giveaway. We Appreciate you and WE Appreciate FFF! Thanks Courtenay - Threaded from Heaven

Rachel C said...

Wow - what did I miss?!?! Congrats to all the winners :)