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Our giveaway today is a little something different.  

6 or 7 years ago, I was having dinner with a mom's-night-out group of other missionary-wife friends in a restaurant in Ukraine, and the topic puberty came up.  We all laughed at the embarrassing stories of our adolescent years and commiserated about the painfully awkward moments we all shared to some degree.  And discussed our dread of our daughters enduring the same plight.  And then my friend Anne piped up about a ministry called Blessing God's Way that has written wonderful books and workbooks celebrating the maidenhood, maternity and menopause seasons of life.  

"You know," said my friend, "its all in the way you present it to your daughter".  And Ive pondered that....a lot!  Girls receive the wrong message about their body and its purpose from early on through peers and media, and negativity is fostered in their mind when they dont measure up to iconic figures. 
Check out this video.  This is the message our girls are getting!

I want my daughers self-image to be strong and pure.  The church teaches about morality and the role of a woman, but resources are few and far between when it comes to a Godly perspective on a girls bodily development and God's design.

I filed away the name of the ministry in the back of my mind for what I thought would be many years before Id be ready to broach the topic with my daughter, but the years since then have sped past and I found myself recently looking for a good, wholesome approach.  I love what Ive discovered in Blessing God's Way and have loved going through the material with my girl.

Expounding on the truth that our bodies are 'fearfully and wonderfully made', Blessing God's Way provides tools to navigate through Gods design for us as women, education and support for all cycles of our life, Christ-centered pregnancy and childbirth, and mentoring for the menopause stage of life.  

I highly recommend the Maidens By His Design Curriculum to moms of tweens and young teens.  The package is designed for a mother to lead her daughter through the course and discusses topics relevance for the coming years.  Tools for charting cycles and using personal proverbs to actually celebrate (rather than dread) the unique way our complex bodies are designed to work is a refreshing approach!

Today however (since many of you are in the baby-birthin' stage of life) I am excited to share a Celebration of Pregnancy Book and DVD 
for Giveaway!!
An alternative to a typical "baby shower", this book offers instruction for a blessing time and gathering to support a mom-to-be spiritually, emotionally and physically as she prepares to welcome her wee one into the world.

Enter below to win this special pregnancy celebration packet.

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