Friday, December 18, 2015

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway


Congratulations to our 12 Days of Christmas winners and thanks for playing along!  
If your name is listed below, please claim your prize by doing the following:
Email and provide the following information...
1) Your name
2) the giveaway you won
3) the sponsoring boutique name.

We will provide you with a claim code which you must email to the vendor to claim your prize!

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our lovely fans and friends!

Day 1 - Pinafore Dress from Dayspring Dresses

Day 2 - $25 GC to Lamplights

Day 3 - Personalized Blanket Scarf from Brookshire Boutique

Day 4 - Winter Spa Treatment from Spa Sydell

Day 5 - Custom Print from tUsde Productions

Day 6 - Christmas Candle from Village Candle

Day 7 - Holiday Express Package from Spa Sydell

Day 8 - Custom Designed Shirt from If You Say Sew (2 winners)

Day 9 - Teddy Bear from Threaded From Heaven

Day 10 - Baby's First Christmas set from Kiddiewear

Day 11 - Candy Tutu Ruffle Outfit from Sugar Baby Bow
Erika Lynn Buzzard

Day 12 - Powder Fresh Candle from Village Candle

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Make A Wish Giveaway

 Failure to follow directions for claiming your prize could result in disqualification.

Congrats to our winners and thank you to our wonderful vendors for their participation!!!!!

If your name is listed below, please send an email to
State your name, the giveaway you have won and the company you have won from.  We will then provide you with a claim code.  

THEN and only then can you contact the vendor from whom you have won the giveaway and give them the claim code which will serve as verification of your win.


16 ounce Beach Party Village Candle

Giveaway #2
Ahoy Matey knot dress, size 6mos.-10 girls from Dayspring Dresses

Giveaway #3
Monogrammed Beach Tote from Brookshire Boutique

Giveaway #4
Print from tUesde Productions

Giveaway #5
18oz Summer Breeze Candle from Village Candle 

Giveaway #6
Over-The-Top Nautical Hairbow from The Girly Baby

Giveaway #7
$30 gift certificate to The Hairbow Company

Giveaway #8
Custom Design T-shirt from Layne James Embroidery & Design

Giveaway #9
Elsa Dress from Olivia Rose

Giveaway #10
16 oz. Celebration Candle from Village Candle

Giveaway #11
Disney Tshirt from Dramatic Accent

Giveaway #12
Tshirt AND Necklace from Sugar Baby Bowtique

Giveaway #13
Minnie Mouse Dress from My Little Obsession

Giveaway #14
$25 Gift Certificate to Threaded from Heaven

Giveaway #15
Nautical Sailor Dress with Bloomers from Kiddiewear

Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Extravaganza WINNERS!!

Winners have been drawn.  READ CLAIM INSTRUCTIONS!!!
Failure to follow protocol may result in loss of your giveaway!

Thanks for playing along.  A HUGE thanks to all our vendors who so generously contributed and to all our fans who support small businesses!  We love getting to feature these amazing boutiques and share their fun goodies!

So here's how to claim if you're a winner:
FIRST: email and provide
1) your name
2) the giveaway you won
3) from which boutique

We will verify your identity and then give you a claim code at which point you can THEN contact the vendor directly to ask for your item to be shipped to you.
If items are not claimed after 48 hours, new winners will be drawn!

CONGRATS to all our winners and a very MERRY Christmas to you all!

First Day of Christmas - Kids Clothing
Onesie from Klassy Kouture - Jessica Owen 

Second Day of Christmas - Nightgowns
Gown of choice from Dayspring Dresses - Jessi Gonzalez 

Third Day of Christmas - Home Decor
Table Runner from Avec Dieu - Linda Stull
$25 GC from Lamplights - Linda Susan Walsh

Fourth Day of Christmas - Holiday Outings
Spa Day from Spa Sydell - Stacy Wilbourn

Fifth Day of Christmas - Stockings
3 Stockings from Dramatic Accents - 
3) Amy Adcock 

Sixth Day of Christmas - Stocking Stuffers
$25 GC to Shining Stars Boutique - Tee Anderson 
Monogrammed Watch from Brookshire Boutique - Amanda Arndt 

Seventh Day of Christmas - Ornaments
$25 GC from Luna Belle Boutique - Joyce Martin Zaleski

Eighth Day of Christmas - Cards/Paper Affair
25 Custom Cards from tUsde Productions - Jessica Loveland 
$25 GC to Lamplights - Crystal Prause Brashear

Ninth Day of Christmas - Gifts for Mom
$30 GC to Luna Belle Boutique - Kris Laurel Christensen 
Personalized Wine Bag from Dramatic Accents - Vera King

Tenth Day of Christmas - Gifts for Boys
$30 GC to Meg Originals - Sarah Ann Dela Cruz
Outfit of choice to Little English - Jennifer Arterburn Aguirre

Eleventh Day of Christmas - Gifts for Girls
Bow of the Month Club from The Hairbow Company - Lynn Boyd 
Star Bright Onesie from Olivia Rose - Kelly Mommyoffour Louise 
Outfit of choice from Little English - Carrie Demas 
Chevron Dress from Sewing Pretties Boutique - Lauren Brown

Twelfth Day of Christmas - Holiday Scents/Baking
Candle from Village Candle - Ruby Serusa
Dozen Cookies from Cakey Bakey - Kendal Barriere

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter Basket Bonanza Winners

Congratulations to our winners!!!
Failure to follow procedure may result in loss of your prize.  Please first contact us at
Let us know 1) your name 2) which giveaway you won from 3) which company

We will give you an access code which you will need to claim your prize with the boutique from which you have won.  Enjoy your Easter basket surprises!!

Giveaway #1 - Outfit of choice from Little English
Alicia Forsberg 

Giveaway#2 - Scarf from Trades of Hope
Stacy Wilbourn 

Giveaway #3 - Easter Outfit from Dayspring Dresses
Amber Keppler 

Giveaway #4 - Assorted Hairbows from The Hairbow Company
Jaymee Johnson 

Giveaway #5 - Easter Basket from Thirty One Gifts
Jessica Ross Friedel 

Giveaway #6 - Bunny Slippers from Olivia Rose
Jessi Gonzalez 

Giveaway #7 - Headbands from The Crafty European
Barbi Pirrello Breedon

Giveaway #8 - Three Candles from Village Candle
Kelly Cadenhead 

Giveaway #9 - Spa Package from Sisters Aromatherapy
Rachel Bradley Harrison 

Giveaway #10 - Easter shirt from Pink Taffy Boutique
Crystal Aschmann Sutherland 

Giveaway #11 - $200 Gift Certificate from Spa Sydell
Amy Adcock 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Extravaganza Giveaway

Please read instructions carefully to avoid disqualification!

If your name is listed below, please email me at
Give me 1) your name, 2) the giveaway you won, 3) from which boutique.

I will verify that you are the winner and give you a claim code which you will need before you can contact the sponsoring boutique.

Thanks to all who played.  Enjoy your Christmas goodies!

Giveaway #1
Tree Skirt or Boys outfit from Luna Belle Boutique

Giveaway #2
Headband from Nana Rose Designs

Giveaway #3
Gift Certificate from Little English

Giveaway #4
Git Certificate to The Hairbow Company

Giveaway #5
Pantset from The Little Ones Boutique

Giveaway #6
Tutu Dress from Klassy Kouture

Giveaway #7
Tutushie from Klassy Kouture

Giveaway #8
Candle from Village Candle

Giveaway #9
Gift Certificate from The Travelin Trunk

Giveaway #10
2 Custom Packages from Silly Nilly Designs

Giveaway #11
Personalized Pillow Cover from Layne James Embroidery & Design